Skylar and Eminem Need a Doctor. So do I.

February 22, 2011 in Life, Life Lessons, Music, music videos

I’m one of those gals who are cool with being solitary as long as I have an almost infinite playlist with old and new tracks, with lots of hip hop and pop mixed in there. Music has always been a solace for me in the worst of times and even in the happier moments of my life. Some tracks speak to your soul and can be the door for you to escape into your head, you know? Whether its some embarrassing 90′s pop song, an old Wu-Tang rap, or the newest hit from a former Disney star, I’m such a music whore. But some tracks like this one, “I Need a Doctor,” produced by Dr. Dre and featuring Eminem and Skylar Grey, strike a chord.

Skylar Grey
, formerly known as Holly Brook, was also the sweet-voiced siren in the chorus of Fort Minor’s hit, “Where’d You Go,” and is now back penning hits with Eminem, Rihanna, TI and Christina Aguilera. Here’s “Where’d You Go.”

Why did she change her name? Grey says, “Spiritually, it represents the unknowns in life, she says. “People seem to be afraid of the unknowns, but I’m the complete opposite. I dive into the unknown because I feel like that’s where all your possibilities come from.”

I loved this quote too!
“When I was young, my voice was so strong, and I would annoy people because I had such a loud little voice. And then it changes, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to sing again, because I thought you had to sing like Christina Aguilera to be a singer. And then people started commenting, ‘No, your soft one is actually pretty cool. You should try doing some stuff with it. And then I started listening to people like Fiona Apple and Sarah McLachlan, who use their softer voices to make great music. And I thought, well, it’s possible.”

I’m such a quote whore. Holla!

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