LINSANITY and Dumb People at ESPN

February 19, 2012 in Basketball

You’ve probably heard of this Jeremy Lin person now, haven’t you? He’s that underdog, Harvard grad basketball player who was under the radar and never really got a chance to show what he’s got. It’s also the first time that there’s ever been an Asian-American NBA player with this much talent and has gotten everyone all crazy excited. Geez, he makes me so proud to be Asian-American because he’s just who he is, kicks ass as a point guard, and is suprisingly humble.

My brother and I are huge basketball fans and we did our share of playing in our youth. We even attended 76ers basketball camp when we were kids, but my bro and I got our share of people calling us chink and saying that we should go back to where we came from. (Meanwhile, we’re both born here) I hope those idiots who made me cry watch Jeremy Lin and feel like dumbasses. Because they are, yo.

P.S. ESPN…are you serious with that ‘Chink in the Armor’ headline? You are seriously dumb.

P.P.S SNL, love your skit this week.

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