The New York Times Uses docstoc!!!!!!!!!!

December 4, 2008 in docstoc

I’ve been an avid reader of the New York Times since I was a pre-teen. My mother only spent money on anything educational, so my clothes/shoes would be from the “Sale” section, but she made sure that anything that was food for my brain, was taken care of. Thus, the annual subscription to the Times!

I recently reached out to the New York Times to use the docstoc embed feature, and they used us today to post the “MTA Rescue Plan.”

Here it is for your viewing pleasure. This plan has already stirred up much debate in the comments section.

press_1204082Free Legal Forms

Who Does PR for Trey Songz… Nicole Pierce

December 1, 2008 in docstoc, documents, Music

As I’ve said before, the best part of my job is interacting with docstoc users, who are usually very cool people who have a need for documents. I came across the profile of Nicole Pierce, who works in Entertainment PR in Chi-town, and represents Trey Songz, a favorite R&B singer of mine. Here’s a bit of information about her:

“I got started in PR after the security guard from my high school died in a car accident. I was pretty close to his fiancee and her family and she needed help putting together a talent show in his honor. I was a freshman in college at the time and I did such a great job organizing talent and getting donations that I immediately went to my advisor and changed my major to Public Relations. From then on I began networking on Myspace and Facebook trying to help unsigned artists gain exposure and volunteering to help out with events and promotions. I ended up falling in love with the profession and I’ve been working hard ever since to build a name for myself.”

And here’s one of her current press releases…

Trey Songz All Black Bday Bash at Ibiza In DC (Black Friday 2008) – Get more Docstoc Buzz

And because this is GIRLATASTARTUP…. you know, I love hip-hop and R&B… I had to embed this video of “Just gotta Make It.”

Secrets of a Happy Life

December 1, 2008 in docstoc, documents

This was sent to me by a docstoc user. Considering our current Economy, why not take time out to read a simply, cheesy document about the Secrets to a Happy Life.

Secrets of a Happy Life – Get more Creative Writing